Mahogany Coin Cabinets
Classic Range

Classic Range Example

Illustrated: The Pheon Classic

Using experience gained in the international market and with an eye to the constant evolution of our products, we have developed the Classic range of cabinets. The design incorporates a number of additional features.

The Cabinets are fitted with Ovolo moulded tops and are mounted on matching moulded-base plinths. Doors are hung on brassed piano-style hinges. The new designs also allow for totally concealed jointwork.

Available in Annulet, Mascle, Pheon and Crozier sized Cabinets, plus the Pheon, the Classic range has the same tray sizes and coin recess options as the standard range.

Dimensions of the Classic Cabinets are similar to the Standard Cabinets with the exception of a 15mm projection of the top and base mouldings.