Mahogany Coin Cabinets
Why Mahogany coin cabinets?
For the long-term storage and display of coins and medallions mahogany is the historically proven natural material without equal. Its lack of harmful oils or resin make it the timber specified by museums, professional numismatists and decerning collectors. Mahogany cabinets are entrusted to house the most important collections in the numismatic world. As specialist manufacturers I have selected Plantation Grown Honduras mahogany as a species noted for its even grain pattern and consequent stability. From this we have developed a range of cabinets in traditional design to suit the requirements of all collectors.

General Specifications
Most of our designs share similar specifications in timber, fitments and finishes. The dimensions and numbers of trays housed being the main differences between the various types.

A general description of specifications is as follows:

The Cases
Cases are crafted from 16mm solid stock. Side members are grooved to locate the coin trays which are individually housed. Door pairs are mounted with brass hinges and fitted with brass lever locks and polished brass bolts. Keyways are trimmed with brass escutcheons and the door closures are fitted with solid brass extruded Astrical.
All cases are polished and finished with a specially developed seven-part process which includes two sealing coats, two finishing coats and a final wax coating. The result is a polished sheen which, unlike polyurethane finishes, builds with an occasional waxing to a patinated lustre.

The Trays
The trays of all our cabinets are fabricated from 9mm solid Honduras stock, the coin recesses being machined by specialist cutters to produce a flat base with vertical sides. A clearance for coins up to 6mm thickness is allowed. The base of each recess is trimmed with a red felt disc. Once machined the trays are sanded and the front edge colour dyed to match the cases. Turned brass knobs are fitted to each tray.